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What’s it like inside Ruthi Postow Staffing?

What’s it like inside Ruthi Postow Staffing?

Here’s what the staff has to say.

  • “It’s fun!”
  • “We work hard but we also get to interact with each other and laugh during the day.”
  • “We’re a power team and we build on each other’s energy.”
  • “We have greater impact on our company because we are a small family-like business.”
  • “We can grow our jobs. If there is something we want to try, we get to try it.”
  • “There are no limits. We know we can go as far as we want.”
  • “We get to see the results of our work making people happy.”
  • “We get to share the rewards of our hard work — in money. There are no limits on what we can earn – and we get free coffee and our choice of free snacks.”
  • “We are have flexibility to make decisions about how to do our jobs. Some companies manage by rules instead of by the needs of the job. We’re treated as professionals.”
  • “This is a job that lets me compete, that gives me control of my income and my future.”
  • “We get to use our creativity, our intellect, and insight to accomplish goals and make a difference.”
  • “The culture here is great. It’s unique.”
  • “We make a difference.”

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Our Three Management Philosophies

“Fail forward!”

We have deliberately created an atmosphere of freedom that rewards the risk-takers who want to learn, will try new things, and win or lose, learn from every experience. This is an environment for creative and motivated people who constantly challenge themselves to grow, to be better, and to increase their expertise. We have a “grow your own” people strategy. We grow only as fast as people can be developed and assimilated.

“Give value!”

Our management practices are chosen to motivate our staff to go above and beyond in providing excellent results for our clients. We recognize and reward individual differences, initiative, and the outstanding achievements of individuals. We also recognize and applaud the achievements of the team.

We are selective in our choice of services and markets, so as to win through being knowledgeable in
focused in specific areas rather than being only okay in many areas.

“Develop expertise!”

We hire smart people and develop experts through ongoing mentoring and training by some of the top professionals in the staffing business.

IT’S NOT ALL WORK — We do lots of other important things

  • We shoot each other with lasers
  • Chase water balloons
  • Have random pizza days and ice cream breaks
  • Play games
  • Do improv and murder mystery events
  • Get out of the office, bond, learn, and have fun at an annual company retreat
  • Dress funny and put on skits
  • Party
  • Get together at happy hours
  • Have random margarita breaks
  • Eat & drink & laugh


A company is shaped by its values.
At Ruthi Postow Staffing we operate on a set of values that have created our special culture: integrity, a passion for excellence, a genuine interest in people, commitment, respect, and fun. We are passionate about what we do and commit to providing excellent service to our clients. Our values determine how we hire and train our staff, how we do our business, and how we support the community.

Integrity, the quality of being honest, whole, undivided; being consistent in values, principals, behavior, and expectations.
Staffing is a relationship business. Relationships are built on trust. Trust is built on integrity.

Passion and determination
We approach our roles with enthusiasm and determination to do what it takes to match the right candidate with the right employer.

Curiosity — a desire to learn; a genuine interest in people
Strong relationships start when one person shows genuine interest in the other person and his or her needs.

Expertise and excellence
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle We make a habit of excellence

We are committed to providing extraordinary service, never sacrificing quality in favor of faster returns. We are committed to making a difference.

Laughter and fun
Great things happen in a joyous workplace where tension is broken by humor and laughter can be heard. “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Dale Carnegie


Ruthi Postow Staffing was founded in 2001 by Ruthi (Yes. There really is a Ruthi). With three boys still school, Ruthi took a leap of faith. She left her position in permanent staffing after a successful, 25 year career, borrowed money, and opened her company – starting in her living room until she was able to lease a small office on M street. With the support of her long-time, loyal clients, the small company off to a strong start. In 2003 Jenni O’Toole joined the company as general manager and they launched their temporary staffing division which immediately got attention for setting new standards in the industry. Some of the company’s milestones:

  • 2007: The RuthiPostowStaffing Scholarship was established.
  • 2005: Alex Postow joined the staff as a recruiter for the permanent division.
  • 2013: Maura Mitchell, recruiting manager, became the third partner in the company.
  • Over the years we have received several honors including:
    • “Future 50” fastest growing companies in the region, by Smart CEO Magazine
    •  “Smart CEOs” Ruthi was honored by Smart CEO Magazine
    •  Named one of Washington’s 50 Best Places To Work by the Washington Business Journal


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